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ARPG twin stick-shooter. Grab your crossbow and slay everyone on your way to destroy the DarkStar!

Features random loot, procedurally generated enemies, lots of big bad bosses, a somewhat open world and kickass chip-tunes. Choose between 10 skills and different stats to make your character unique.

Inspired by classics like Legend of Zelda and Diablo. Decent retro graphics together with a tough challenge makes this a game you don't want to miss!

It also has hardcore (rogue-mode) if you like to punish yourself and an easy mode if you find it too hard. Once you're done, you can just start-over on another playthrough with the same character, only this time the enemies will be even tougher!

Shout-out to cromwell for the music and strimmlarn for soundfx contributions. Also a huge thanks to all my testers.

Install instructions

Unzip and install. Should be straight forward.


DarkStar Beta 1.01 19 MB

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